Movements using your own body are the healthiest and safest way to rediscover a ‘BALANCED BODY’, ultimately gaining and maintaining strength and agility, improving fitness and enhancing one’s quality of life.

Whether your Goal is to lose weight, increase muscle mass, improve cardio fitness, or simply stay fit, our “functional strength” programme using our unique training kit and specially designed exercises will help you achieve success!


I like my arms to be toned, but not muscular. I discovered Ageless Body Bootcamp and it really revolutionized the way my arms look.
I have a bad back and my physiotherapist told me I that I need to work on my core …when I discovered Ageless Body Bootcamp, I was so happy. The resistance training really helps with my core, it gives me a complete 360… It's fantastic! And my back feels even better now.
I'm loving Ageless Body Bootcamp. It's using my own body weight as kind of a resistance training. I don't have to worry about hurting myself and I'm loving what it's doing to my body! Thank you Ageless Body Bootcamp for giving me my body back!
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